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Always Free Shipping on Orders Over $99

Always Free Shipping on Orders Over $99
Always Free Shipping on Orders Over $99
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As a leading distributor of America’s favorite workwear, wholesale work clothes, uniforms, and outerwear, Cotton Art Intl is committed to providing exceptional service and offering competitive wholesale prices on a wide range of high-quality workwear. We take pride in establishing ourselves as a trusted, reliable, and proven company that you can depend on!

We offer a wide selection of work shirts, including dress shirts, polo shirts, and uniform shirts. Additionally, our inventory includes work pants, jeans, shorts, coveralls, overalls, and technician shirts. Not only do we cater to various industries nationwide, such as motorsport, women’s workwear, housekeeping, lab technicians, food processing, and the culinary industry, but we also distribute Bulwark Fire Resistant Clothing. This specialized line includes shirts, coveralls, outerwear, high-visibility gear, and rainwear.

At Cotton Art Intl, we take pride in designing all our products to meet or exceed industry standards. We prioritize durability, comfort, and style to ensure our hardworking individuals feel their best while on the job. Furthermore, we offer free shipping on orders over $99 and guarantee fast turnaround times for all our customers.

When you choose Cotton Art Intl as your preferred distributor for workwear, you can expect excellence in our products firsthand. Contact us today to explore our extensive catalogue and place your order. Experience the difference with Cotton Art Intl!

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